Thursday, November 4, 2010


Dare to Dream and Perform to Win ....sounds exciting as all of us do have plenty of dreams on what we want to achieve in life.

" I have a dream" said Martin Luther King which inspired scores of people and continues to do so to not just dream but action on their dreams !

Dreams are a reflection of our continuous thoughts on a few things that we like. Most of the time unless we hold on to those thoughts strongly, they just fade away , but if those are things we believe in and want to do strongly, then they become part of our "Will" .

All of us do want to do a variety of things at various stages of life - it all comes down to you on how strongly you believe in them to make them happen.

Again, we do have a few people who seemingly took interesting turns in life to fulfil their dreams and follow their passion and did succeed...Sekhar Kammula with his "Dollar Dreams" , Harsha Bhogle who left his high paying job after MBA in IIMA and Rajiv Gandhi who worked as a pilot inspite of being the PM's son are some such examples...

Sekhar Kammula - Pre Dollar Dreams
All in all, want to finish this one by saying this...

Believe in your ABILITIES, Break down the physical and mental BARRIERS you have constructed for yourself,  Be COURAGEOUS and Finally DREAM Big and follow them to make them a reality....

This concludes my current ABCD theme of "preaching" :-)

Do send in your comments for me to work on....

- Pavan


  1. Nice blog Pavan,keep going especially Dream is awesome.Dare to Dream and Perform to Win i think achieve might be a good word here..

  2. Excellent Article and very relevant examples. It all boils down to Passion. If you are really passionate about something, that is where your heart and soul were. On the otherside,I've seen people with lot of creativity not unleashing themselves to the potentional that they can. Sometimes, a good friend of them can uncover and introduce their talent to the outside world.
    As Swami Vivekananda said, the real personality comprises - physically strong, mentally balanced,morally sound, intellectually sharp and spiritually advanced.