Thursday, December 2, 2010


Hope is what makes us feel positive - it decides how we live and we handle ourselves during the situations we face each day. All of us would  ideally want to wake up for a better tomorrow when we get to bed each night - that's what makes our life tick !

We cannot function without hope - a patient on a death bed would hope for a panacea that would cure him, a player out of form hopes for a turn around in fortune each time he plays and a business man who incurred losses would hope for a deal that would make money for him.

I believe we all have a lot to learn from people who we think are incurable...the Habitual Gamblers. They are one of a kind who would never give up the hope of winning ! It is addictive hope in their case - but we can learn of how not to give up hope from them despite repeated failures.

Gamblers can be Great Teachers too !
Ever wondered how P&G became such a great company with a global presence ? Perhaps because it has a Gamble in it ( Proctor and Gamble )  :-)

M F Hussain paints at an age of 93 and in fact got his paintings sold at Christie's London in 2008 for a $1.6 Million which is a record for South Asian artistes. Per the legend, Edison had failed a lot of times before he could come up with the successful version of Electric Bulb and so did Bhuvan in the movie Lagaan before he could gather the necessary believers and eventually victory.

Scores of such examples do exist that we know or heard about.

Hope is a virtue that all of us do have, so do not let it go and always believe that there are better things waiting to happen for all of us.

- Pavan

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