Monday, January 10, 2011

2011 - A Year Of Promises

2011 beckons with us hope and promises quite a lot that can happen that is unique in this year.

To start with, I want to quote Dickens :

"It is the best of times, it is the worst of times, it is the age of wisdom, it is the age of foolishness, it is the epoch of belief, it is the epoch of incredulity, it is the season of Light, it is the season of Darkness, it is the spring of hope, it is the winter of despair, we have everything before us".

I would want to start with my favorite area..Sports. Endless excitement with World Cup Cricket, India's Tours to 5 Continents coupled with the worst time of crass commercialization with IPL and it's ugly head rearing up to ruin the game. Wimbledon might use the Indoor Center Court for the Championship finals at the expense of "tradition" and we might see the "Indian Express" of  Lee-Hesh winning a Grand slam together yet again !

World Cup 2011 - Who will Win It ?

Politics...The world is watching and hoping for the "Change" that needs to sweep across - it was promised a couple of years back that resulted in a Nobel Peace Prize. But this is the time and this year we would want to see the changes that are positive take shape. People's engagement to the process is truly critical for this to happen and we see some positive signs of this by folks in our region disagreeing to be parochial. Let's get together and tell our politicians that we are more interested in progress and development and not in any divisive agenda that will only lead us to turmoil and destruction.

Will the positive change happen in 2011 ? Let's hope so

Science...This year will see the largest solar power plant opened in California making us less dependent on fossil fuels. Also this year we would see our space shuttles reach Mercury and one cross Uranus - Pakistan is expected to launch it's first space shuttle this year as well. There are predictions of new viruses coming in this year that our scientists' need to come up with best defense mechanisms. More and more people across the world are expected to suffer from mental fatigue and illness than physical ailments as the world's average age grows....This leads us to...

Largest Solar Plant - Could Reduce Our Carbon Emissions

Spritualism...2011 would see a large number of people seeking refuge in the forces of the Unknown ! The popular West belief in Mass Destruction that's impending in 2012 will lead more people to realize the need to reflect and perhaps change for the better.

Self Reflection and Awareness of Meditation/Spritualism...Sign of things to come ?

Let's pray and wish for a better year ahead and hope for a better tomorrow for all of us with each one of us trying to make a positive contribution to the society we live in !

- Pavan

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  1. hi, i wish that your 'wish' for this year would come true :)