Friday, March 18, 2011

"I-ness" Continued

I would like to thank people who read the previous blog and provided me your thoughts. It was refreshing to know that there are people who read what I write :-)

With the thought of  "I-ness" that always is with us in almost all our actions, let's pause and look at what goes on with it.

Remember the joy you have had when YOU did something on your own - be it as small as taking the first steps as a child, went to school all by yourself, did something unique ( good or bad ) and got recognized for it.

It is always a great feeling to know that YOU did it - the memories are stored in a positive manner and the thoughts are centered on YOU and then subsequent actions with others would be focussed on I. It acts as a positive energy a lot of times - you feel good about yourself and you would try to spread the same.

"I-ness" - The Positive Energy Within All Of Us

There are times when our self esteem takes a downturn, we start to question our abilities and "I-ness" takes a hit. We start to believe that the acceptance of others is paramount and we tend to do things that we might not really want to do. This is when the "I-ness" is ignored by us and we go by the "herd"  mentality. We would try to say that we "do things for others and to make them happy" ! That is never really true - unless you like to do something, you never do it - but to please others, you tend do to certain things and start the "I-ness" erosion.

We should never let other people decide whether we are happy or unhappy. Our happiness lies within ourselves i.e. within our own "I-ness". It is upto you how you absorb, interpret and spread your thoughts/feelings. So, if you are focused truly on your old friend "I-ness", you would know and do what is good  for you and move forward. One tip to every one is keeping telling ourselves aloud the following .... "I-ness" is good and No one can make you Happy Or Unhappy and it is just you who can do that to yourself !

Let's now look at the other side of the same in a slightly twisted manner...

When some one tells you something that you feel isn't right about you,  your defense mechanism springs to action. It starts to tell us that this isn't ME - as the feeling most of us have is that I am always right ! The moment a negative thought comes up that is related to "I" and starts spreading like wildfire within you, you need to realize that this is "Ego". Ego is definetely not your friend and we all need to watch out for the symptoms of our Ego showing up.

Ego - Tells You That You Can Never Go Wrong !

When we feel that we are not true to ourselves and start believing that we are the best regardless and do not accept criticism that can be constructive, those are signs of the Ego rearing it's ugly head. We do not realize it most of the time and end up nursing our egos in the process end up distancing ourselves from people and also the deep rooted "I".

"I-ness" and Ego are two sides of the same coin with a very subtle difference that is very difficult to realize and notice.

So, next time you are thinking about yourself in any situation, pause a second, consider and be aware of thoughts that are coming through...Analyze if they are in the direction of "I-ness" or Ego :-)

Thanks again for your feedback, looking forward to more.

- Pavan


  1. nice one, clear line between i-ness and ego
    keep writing, shiva

  2. Interesting, thought provoking article .. a little abstract. The article was important because it helps bring an awareness in people between E and I. Only once people are aware can they take corrective action whether they will take corrective action is another topic for discussion, probably you could have a follow-up post to help people by providing insights into how to build I-ness and minimize E-ness