Sunday, June 26, 2011


Joy is the feeling of happiness from within - but it radiates the person who chooses to wear it and can easily be spread to others. It is always said that a person who is joyful can bring smiles and create an ebullient atmosphere around.

Joy always gets multiplied when shared with others - remember we always felt happier when we share our joyous moments of life with our loved ones / friends and well wishers. On the other side, in your times of sorrow too, you need to be around people - the sorrow then gets "diminished" when shared with your friends.

I can quote my personal experiences in both the times that makes me believe that family and friends are VERY important for you to give a perspective and a sense of togetherness/bonding.

Be Cheerful - Find Joy In Small Things In Life !!!
Being Happy and Joyful does not necessarily mean that you celebrate only what are major achievements in life. You can find joy in very small things in life - for example, for a person who finds it tough to wake up early, can find joy in waking up a day without cursing the "alarm" :) We can find joy in doing small things right - this trend can be more important as we grow up and the elderly can find joy in doing their daily chores without any help from others !

So, remember - find joy in small things and DO share it with others to double the joy and keep yourself occupied with good company who can share your joys and sorrows.

Until next time with another word...

- Pavan

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