Friday, October 14, 2011

When Less Is More !

Hello Friends,

I was "Channel-Surfing" a few days back and was lost on what to watch. That is when I thought that having Less Is More at times ! I want to share a few of my thoughts on this.

At Super-Market

Choices - Too Many Of Them ?
Our choices at the market place are tremendous for any given product. Let's say we want to buy a shampoo, you are hit with hundreds of brands. The composition that make them up makes us wonder if it is something to be applied to hair or if they need to be eaten ( Almonds, Cucumber, Mint and so on ). Compare this to the time when we were growing up, shampoos were hardly used and home made solutions served the purpose with perhaps better results ! We can go on similarly for any products you see on any of the shelves on any super-market.

In front of TV

Surabhi - Had a cult following and gave the viewers a cultural education !

The number of channels we now have through Cable TV is mindboggling - the Regional Channels alone are about 200 if not more and new ones are getting added constantly. Inspite of this choice, how many of us stick to watching a single channel/program consistently? Feeling nostalgic, we used to look forward to Spiderman, Chitrahaar etc. that were telecast once a week along with the News that was also telecast only once in a day on the ONE and only Doordarshan ! Was life not very simple for us when we were growing up with limited choices that gave us anticipation around each of these items ?

First Salary
First Salary - Always Memorable!
All of us who are working understand and must have experienced the thrill of receiving the first ever salary for a job done ! The feeling is difficult to explain in words - the first time you are truly independent, you feel nice about yourself, you know the value of earning and finally you believe you can do it ! The first salary obviously is far less than what we earn today - but the Less gave you a feeling of MORE ! Even if you earn much more currently, the freedom and the free spirit that we had with our first salary cannot be matched. Then, none of us had to worry about the ever-rising EMIs' for the mortages and perhaps the feeling that we live for the banks !

Sachin and Dhoni - Swapped Indian Jerseys to IPL ones right after the World Cup !
All my blogs will have a cricket connection, so does this one :-) The amount of cricket that's played these days is mind-numbing - right through the year, there is cricket being played - be it IPL, Champions League or the two nation series. The fans are left with no time to savour the victories and mourn the losses ! It has come to a point where the genuine cricket fan wants lesser cricket to be played and I hope the administrators take a note of the fact. Cricket surely is making a clear case of Less Is More !

I do know that there is no way for us to go back to the age of less choices - but let's try to do what we can and do what we think is right for us. You can exercise your choice too by not reading this one :-)

- Pavan

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