Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Between The Lines

Hello Friends,

After having watched one of the closely contested Wimbledon's finals which threw up a 7 time Champion and made all the English fans wait for another year, I wanted to write something on "between the lines".

The lines - teach you to be accurate and exact ?

The lines do play a huge role in whether a player wins or loses! Tennis like a lot of other sports actually conducts itself strictly "between the lines" - Cricket, Badminton, Athletics, Basketball etc. all operate between the lines in some form or shape.

The lines - predict your future ?

Our fascination with the lines do not end with Sports alone. There is a very popular "science/art" of judging our future based on the lines on your hand. Palmists across the world rely on the lines and claim to predict accurately our past, present and the unknown future. I heard some one say that "Your destiny is in your hands" - meaning the way we work makes our lines form in certain way and it is left to the palmists to make predictions based on that.

The Line - A key definition of Morals

One other instance that comes to my mind that highlights the importance of "lines" - the defining "Lakshman Rekha" that Sita had crossed. That line was more symbolic in nature that told us that however virtuous you might be, there is a moral line that you should not cross even in the times of distress. If you do so, then you are bound to land up in peril like Sita did.

So, all my friends - let us be aware of the lines we have around us and try to play within them, build our future well and finally do not cross the moral lines that we know for any immediate short term needs.

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  1. Very well said and written Pavan , you should do some part time writing in times or time.