Saturday, October 30, 2010



'A' is a great letter and Ability is a great word to start with ! The word epitomizes all that's possible and indicates the some times latent potential that's locked up in all of us.

Just the way it took a long time for me to realize and actually start writing perhaps (?) meaningful to express some random thoughts, it does take a long time to believe in your ability and some times others' prodding works as well.

A seed does not know that it can grow into a  big tree, Bill Gates wasn't born rich and even Hanuman didn't believe he could fly across to Lanka ! All of them neeeded to believe in their ability in a way and then worked diligently toward their goals at their various points of life.

So...Do Believe In Your ABILITY and just.....DO IT !!!

- Pavan


  1. Ability is a good word to start...and very well written... My suggestion is references to religious characters may not work for everybody....not everybody can relate to these references...and moreover they are Gods they have to do it big ability involved there... ;))But the Glenn Cunningham's example is the master stroke..he is the highest achiever.. Well done!!!

  2. good beginning.very nicely written. I feel few more examples could have been added.

    As someone said "we all have ability. The difference is how we use it".It is good to see
    you start this and put into action of your known ability to communicate crisply and clearly.