Sunday, October 31, 2010


Hello again...continuing with the alphabets - the greatest ever invention by the Humans as we are the only species that can read and write ! Let me now proceed to the letter B.

I have chosen the word Barrier to talk about and add some of my reflections.

All of us have a lot to offer to this world in a multiple ways and if you look around, there are scores of examples.

Sherpas - the unsung heroes
The Finesse of Federer, Humbleness in Sachin ( even after he remains the BEST ever ), Tenacity of the Sherpas who conquered Everest many times over, Inventive Mind of Edison, Questioning of Authority of Socrates etc.

Glenn Cunngiham, one of the greatest all time atheletes almost had his legs amputated, but he never gave up hope. He broke his physical barrier and made it to the Olympics winning Silver medal !!!

The very thought of Galileo that Earth is not the center of the universe and proposing the now well confirmed theories of universe is certainly an example of breaking the mental barriers that exist in a society.

Most of us usually think that our ability is limited and doubt the capabilities within us resulting in the fact that we never venture to do new things and do things differently.

BUT, believe me, we can certainly surprise ourselves.

For example, try to do something that you never did before, - folks like me can try drawing something :) , try picking up a language you are not comfortable with, a game you never followed before etc. - Small steps, but they would go some way in telling you that there are things you can do and enjoy as well.

We just need to break the physical and mental BARRIER(s) that exist within all of us.

- Pavan


  1. Another good one...very well written.....But Finesse of Federer and Humbleness in Sachin...I did not see the connection with the word Barrier..may be I did not get it correctly...But the Glenn Cunningham example is a master stroke..he is the achiever of highest grade!! Well done..

  2. Thanks for the comment and feedback, the examples of Federer and Sachin were in the context that all of us have a lot to offer that we needed to realize...