Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Hello friends...I am now back to the world of Alphabets and want to talk about a word that makes me feel good....Equanimity. When I say this word a few times and I feel naturally calm and collected !

The word itself has it's roots in Aequus ( Equal, Even, Calm ) and Animus ( Mind, Spirit ) making the word mean Even/Level Headedness, Composure, Calmness and so on.

It is often said that the one who is at peace with himself is the one who can be at peace with any situation. He alone can treat the outcomes of any event without the fear of failure. Many times actually this approach pays off and the level headed person more often than not succeeds in what he or she wants to do.

Equanimity - Inner Peace Is The Key
We put too much pressure on ourselves when we have tough situations to deal with. This makes us lose our focus and more importantly our mind starts to doubt. Once we start to doubt ourselves, the process is irreversible and we eventually end up feeling unhappy.

Remember the times when all of us had no fear of failure viz, the first time we learnt to walk/talk, did things perfectly in our areas of expertise. It shows that we did well mostly well when we were either innocent or when we were really perfect at what we do.

The calmness under pressure is a gift that we too can achieve by staying unattached to the actions we perform - definitely easier said than done...but let's try to accomplish that by following a few simple steps..

  • Always do give yourself credit when you accomplished something and put that in the memory bank for later usage.
  • Do recall when you are in doubt the things you are capable of - play those "memory tapes" within your mind.
  • Remember that nothing can really go wrong - after all, it is just an "Event" and if you end up "losing" it, it is just one opportunity you had learnt one way of not doing again.

Well...hope this would make us feel better and let's get to the state of Equanimity....

- Pavan


  1. hey, this makes me to take a minute and think that every person has something in them for credit. Its just that one has to realise it and relay on that.

  2. Pavan

    I'm delighted with your comments and share your thoughts we should all take a long hard look into our lives and not get too stressfull life is too short and life is for living

  3. Ram said...
    Hey, this is easy to say and hard to put in practice. This state of Equanimity can be achived by practicing meditation and Yoga. Also self confidence and optimistic in life are very important to attain the state of equanimity.

  4. Cannot agree more...Looking at something with nonchalance always gives great results than brooding over..according to my personal experience :)