Friday, November 12, 2010


"With Faith You Can Move Mountains" - Matthew 17:20 , New Testament.
"Faith is something that you want to believe because you don't want to know the truth" - Anonymous

Two very contrasting thoughts and perhaps true in their own context.

I get reminded of a old Chandamama story I read when I was a kid ( Chandamama is a hugely popular children's magazine that contains amazing stories told in a simple manner).

A patient goes to a doctor with some ailment. The doctor actually runs out of stock on the usual medicine that he gives to such ailment. So he makes a tablet with mud and sugar and gives it to the patient. The patient takes the tablet with the faith that it would cure him and it does cure him !

While I am not suggesting that this can be possible all the time, the story had a moral of how can faith help some one.

Faith In Mother - Non Negotiable

Faith that a child has in the mother is truly universal and in a lot of ways can be termed as Non Negotiable. Such examples are really difficult to find in real life as most of us though claim that we do have faith in a few things or thoughts, we might not be really be sure of them deep down.

Faith on another hand should not be used as a broom to sweep the new thoughts or ideas that challenge status quo.

Faith makes people do things that can mean good to every one or can also make them parochial in nature. I would not want to comment on matters of Religion,Culture as those are dependant on upbringing, personal choices etc.

So, let's use faith as a device to believe in things that can be turned into common good and at the same time use our discretion on what to believe and what not to.

Till we meet again with another alphabet or a thought...
-  Pavan


  1. Good one...I would have loved to see more bolder statements than being politically correct...may be a bit more on the not having faith part would have made it more interesting... What would you answer if a kid comes and asks you what is faith and why should you believe in something...Mind you today's generation is full of questions...we need to be more credible in our answers rather than just forcing our opinions on them...looking forward to an indepth write up on this topic..

  2. I love this "use faith as a device to believe in things that can be turned into common good". It's a great encouragement for us to live strong and live good in our limited time in a life.