Tuesday, November 23, 2010


The joy of Giving surpasses the joy of doing any other activity.

When you see the face of the deserving one who receives a help from you, the joy that it can give you is beyond words of expression .The key word is Deserve as we want to help people who actually need help and not folks who try to live as parasites.

Cost of these gifts...XXX...Smile on the faces - Priceless !

We can all do our bit of giving back to the society - a multiple avenues do exist on how we can do that.

All our scriptures do place a heavy emphasis on Giving and how can helping people around you would actually mean service to God.

A story to share from Mahabharata to drive home the message....

Arjuna was asked by Krishna if he can match Karna in terms of being generous. Krishna according to the legend provided a Golden Mountain and asked Arjuna to give it to the deserving in a day's time. Arjuna started to cut the mountain and in the process was not focussed on the actual job of giving the gold and was not able to donate it to the deserving.

Karna on the other hand just called the group of deserving Brahmins and said that he would like to donate all the gold equally amongst all of them and did the "Give" in one go !

The story tells us that as long as you have the strong will, you would find a way to get to what you want, here it would have meant being generous.
So, as long as we have the desire to do service and channel it to the right focus area, we should be feeling the real joy of "Giving" .

- Pavan


  1. Another Good one and nice story from Mahabharat. Important to remember that "A CLOSED hand/mind can neither give nor receive"

  2. I like your comment of CLOSED Hand/Mind...very interesting indeed...

  3. I have never enjoyed a gift received as much as a gift given. A day spent volunteering time/skills that we often take for granted is always a great boost to your own true self-worth. When you realize how much you have without materialism that means so much to others, it is truly both humbling and inspiring.