Thursday, May 31, 2012

IPL -'s over !!!

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Last weekend, we finally saw IPL (the league that always threatens not to end with meaningless matches) end in which a new team emerged winner.

KKR - SRK's Team finally makes it !!!
 I want to use IPL- Cricket League and compare it with the other "league"- Indian Politicians. So, IPL can stand for any of the 2 : Indian Premier League or Indian Political League.

Chaos Is The Key

For the IPLs' listed above, one of the common success criterion is absolute chaos that would make them "viewer/voter" friendly. T20 is a format that thrives on constant chaos - there is absolutely no time for any niceties of "settling-in" or "setting-up" for a batsman and a bowler respectively. What happens is a constant slam bang that is lustily cheered.

Similarly, the politicians take a lot of delight in creating a chaos and try to create confusion amongst the public in this democratic nation. While people were told that we made great progress in the 3 years of UPA, the next day we get hit with an all time petrol hike which was inevitable.

Politicians celebrate - Are people happy ?

Deliberate Diversions

The money involved in IPL - cricket version made it a prime candidate for match/spot fixing from it's inception. Open Conflict of Interest issues ( BCCI President owning a team and Chief Selector being a patron etc. ) / "Fixed" Auctions/ Backroom deals for Uncapped Indian Players/ Dual methods of payment ( Gayle's example of being the brand ambassador ) are the sort that can make any cricket enthusiast view it with suspicion and revulsion at times. Instead of tackling them, IPL (read BCCI) chooses only to punish the young players ( Jadeja, Manish Pandey and 5 others this year ).

Similarly, when the Indian Parliament is in session, instead of acting on critical legislative items like Lokpal, NCTC and others, we have the HRD minister apologize about a Cartoon published in 1949 ! Did any one need that at all ?
Does he inspire confidence in handling corruption?

  Brand Power

It is not all bad news actually :) IPL is now a Global Brand - though it is in it's infancy compared to EPL and other leagues in US, IPL does provide good return on investment. For the owners of franchises that were originally part of IPL, it provided them a good return based on the amount of money Pune and Kochi had to shell out to be part of IPL last year. The media companies do hail it as a "consistent media phenomenon" that provides TRPs and Internet/Twitter following that is difficult to be matched.

Looking at younger politicians like Jr. Scindia, Sachin Pilot and others, the brand India is certainly on the upward trend. India and it's successful democratic experience is always viewed with awe across the globe given the complexities Indian Politics provides.

Numbers don't lie - Do They ?

We The People

Finally, like always - We The People are given the last chance to be represented. We, as passionate Indian Cricket Fans would continue to support any cricket matches that are played in India. We know for sure that when CSK plays against KKR, there is no chance for India to lose :) That's partly why people flocked the stadiums to watch IPL despite India's drubbing in England and Australia. We need to be treated with respect and we demand a transparent league that gives a fair opportunity to compete irrespective of the owner base ( ban the franchises in case they are in the wrong like the Italian examples ), do not over publicize the money part on player auctions and finally, do not make IPL the yard stick for Indian Cricket Team selection and yet in the same coin impugn players like the Pathan brothers who only want to play IPL for financial benefits.

Indian Fan base - We need a more Transparent League

Well, on the political front, my wishes for the people are end-less. I would only state that we want people to be given the right to elect and recall the political brass we have so that there is a fear of rejection that can act as a tonic - well, if wishes were horses :)

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