Monday, June 11, 2012

Of Bails and BailOuts !!!

Hello Friends,

Of late, the most common word that is found in the news is the "Bail". It's distant cousin "Bail-Out" is often heard too in the economic circles.
Is he coming out of a jail or a victorious campaign ?

The recent spate of "Leaders" from all walks of life entering into jails is growing at an alarming rate in our country. The taxpayers' money is spent on treating the VIPs in a royal manner when they are behind the bars. The money trail is irrevocably lost and the investigating agencies put up a token fight only to let all of them get away. The "Bailing" out of these people will create news the first day and a few days later, another news maker gets to the prison only for us to forget about the earlier people. How many of us still remember the Software CEO is out on bail cooling off his heels and can totally be out of his woes once the white collar crime period ( which is 7 years for any Corruption charges ) gets over in a few years ? Public memory is short and it is bound to be so when the media tries to sensationalize events that suit them.

A Culprit accorded a Hero's welcome - Do we care ?
The moral fabric if it exists has become so thin and irrelevant that I have heard people mention that every one is, how does it matter ? It is really a sad commentary on how comfortable we have all become in the knowledge that we do not care any more and we take it for granted that this would continue.

Hopefully the situation won't continue for too long or otherwise the next generation kids will learn B for Bail  ( instead of B for Ball ) !!!

The other word I wanted to tackle is the "Bail-out". We have seen nations like Greece and Spain being rescued by IMF, Euro Bank and other financial organizations. In a global economy, we were told that unless you are competitive and be a visionary, you cannot survive. But these examples of countries being bailed out when they have done the reverse is not a good sign at all. Again, like the leaders on bail, the countries on bailout would move on as if nothing has happened and continue to blow their money instead of trying to work harder, spend wisely and most importantly be responsible with fiscal situation. In this case too, the money spent is all lost and no one really makes an effort to understand how to recover the money and how to ensure that it does not happen again ! So, who is next in this list ?

A Scary Ride For Non Passengers who will pay for those who are inside !!!
In an economy that thankfully still grows at a rate that is impressive compared to others in the world (despite all the corruption, analysis-paralysis ), I would like to believe that the best time is still ahead of us. 

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  1. very true.what is alarming or depressing is the so called "educated class" also in the group that has become insensitive to our falling expectations of our leaders. may be some times "we get what we deserve".

  2. Another excellent example for Bail-Out and why it fails for most of times is Air India. If for europe its PIGS syndrome, we are not far there as well, with states like bengal, Up, & maharashtra needing additional money to run their states or get rid of debts.