Friday, March 14, 2014

The Great Indian Tamasha....Arriving In a Polling Booth Near Your Home

Mandatory to be able to vote

Tickets/Voter ID - You must be 18 or above to participate in the elections unlike the theaters which do not enforce the "Adult" rated movies to bar kids. If you think getting your hands on the first day tickets of a Rajani movie was impossible, think again - having a Voter ID card with no mistakes and a valid vote is much more in the improbable domain. Having an online registration helps to an extent - but we still have a long way to go. I am looking forward for the day when people can cast their vote wherever they are in the world.

Up or Down?

Main Star Cast - This year, we have a movie that will see many actors perform and it remains to be seen who will "act" the best! By and large, the country will have 2 Lead Actors head against each other, though in pockets there might be the Mango Man who might play a spoil sport along with the Regional Satraps ( read 3rd Front ) all of who perennially dream of becoming the PM. Ra Ga is a "Leader" courtesy his family name and Na Mo has been accepted in his own party (despite the grand old man, who is still sulking ) only after the clamor became too hard to ignore. So, will it be a family name vs a promise of change...we will have to wait and see.

Shop that sells all flags
Supporting Cast - Growth happens cyclically for these actors who are associated with the polls. They are the Liquor shops, Florists ( who make those giant garlands ), Transport companies (who ferry people to meetings ), Poster/Flex makers, Sport shops (widespread belief that you gift a cricket kit, you are assured of youth votes ), Ad agencies, municipalities that own large public grounds etc.

Dignified Journalism - thing of past
Technical Crew (Visual effects, Action, Drama etc ) -  This constitutes guessed it and you guessed it right..the Media. With Electronic Media becoming to what Bond referred to as evil in "Tomorrow Never Dies", it's power to influence gullible public has grown tremendously.The opinion polls, exit polls, pointless discussions which encourage fist-fights, forceful push-down of opinions ...all in all a master class performance from this team of As and Bs ( read Arnabs and Barkhas ).

Let's come out in large numbers 
Guest appearance ( Also Starring ) - Yes, you are right is the Indian Voter. He/She who has the opportunity to vote and decide the fate of the country every 5 years. A button on the machine and a mark on your index finger...that's it and you have made your contribution ! While there are debates on what one vote can do, I urge all my fellow voters ( who after all the pain to get themselves registered ) to exercise their vote and not treat the voting day as a holiday.

Producers - Indian tax payer produces this movie to try and reap the benefits of a good administration. While we can debate if the producers had a choice, we need to accept the fact that despite numerous challenges, the EC does release this movie in time each time.

Counting - Can be nail biting at times
BO Verdict/Results - The counting of votes and announcement of results always are exciting and bring back those memories of waiting for my answer sheet to be given to me after my exams. With each name pronounced ( each vote being counted ), you are that closer to knowing your own fate.


Finally, I would like to hope that these elections are going to be held in a free and fair manner and will give us a stable government that can focus on development and not individual agenda.

Happy Voting !!!


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