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Gajendra Moksha - Interpretation

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I have been listening to Scriptures of late and it has been an enlightening experience. With the rich symbolism, they teach you the pursuit and the actual purpose of life. I know it sounds philosophical - but trust me the teachings are entwined in tales that are relevant even after thousands of years. 

In the "Robert Langdon" style, I have picked Gajendra Moksha, a very common tale from Srimad Bhagavatam to interpret based on the inner meaning.

The Tale

Lord Vishnu rescuing Gajendra
Gajendra is a very powerful elephant who has a retinue of wives and kids. Gajendra is revered and feared in the forest near Trikuta mountain. One day he along with his wives and kids gets lost and happens to notice a beautiful lake and gets into the lake to take bath. Once in the lake, he loses control over himself, sprays himself around, ruins the flowers and disturbs the aquatic creatures. Makara, the crocodile gets upset and catches the elephant's leg in a flash and refuses to let it go. A great fight ensues for thousand years and at the end of which, Gajendra realizes that it is no match to Makara inside it's territory. Gajendra's wives leave him to his fate and do not help him. The elephant then prays to the Almighty and puts itself completely at His mercy following which Lord Vishnu runs from his abode and kills the crocodile thereby rescuing Gajendra from his misery.


Bible / Bhagavatam - Not that different !!!
Gajendra is actually a symbol that reflects a human being. Trikuta ( meaning a 3 layered hill ) denotes the 3 states of consciousness - Jagruth (Waking ), Swapna (Dreaming) and Sushputi (Dreamless and Soul conscious Sleep) and it can also indicate 3 Gunas or state of life we go through - Sattva ( Pure and Steady ) , Rajas ( Passion and Motion ) and Tamas ( Darkness and Negativity). It indicates that we go through these phases each day of our lives.

We believe that we are invincible and identify ourselves with the body and material benefits we accumulate. We lose our original path of realizing the real SELF that is inside us and concentrate on the external temptations. We get into the material routine goaded by our desires ( wives in the tale ), feel that it is happiness and forget our true purpose of life. Some of the crocodiles that catch us are the stress, jealousy and ego.

Unfortunately, in the real world, we don't become wise like Gajendra and try to discover ourselves before it is too late. However, IF we are true to the story, we will start to realize that the true bliss / Paramatma resides inside us who will then set us free.

- Pavan

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